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About Me

I have 3 loves in this world

Being a Mom, Photography, &  Hobby Lobby


I'm Bailey Ludlum and I love being a photographer.

  I know it sounds cheesy, but I do. 

  I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors degree in photography in Dec. of 2016! I specialized in Weddings and newborns, but I love photography in all forms. Whether it's your  Big Day or you are inviting a little one into your family. I know how important your photos will be to you.

  I am located in the Edmond, OK area, but willing to travel. If you have questions or wish to know about prices and availability, please contact me.

  Hope to hear from you soon! 

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about Bailey!

Bailey's favorite show to 

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Game of Thrones! Still doesnt understand the


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Bailey Ludlum


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"I don't shoot what it looks like,

I shoot what it  feels like"

    When I started my career I never thought I would be so truly touch by the people I have met. I get to hear their story’s, their triumphs, and tears. I get to witness to their favorite moments and capture them, so they can relive these moments over and over again. It wasn't until a wedding in 2016 that I truly realized how important my job really was. A week after the wedding, the mother of the bride sadly passed away. (A wonderful woman, mother, and friend) During these devastating times we often feel so helpless. But I had something that could help her and her family. The pictures I had taken where a comfort to them. You never realize how important pictures can be until they are all you have left. As a photographer we don't often think that the pictures we are taking can be someone's last. So in her memory, I work harder, capture more, and treasure every second. Let’s not waste another second, Let’s capture something beautiful. 


Wedding Edition

Consider this a wedding photographer guide. These answers are directly from Bailey and hopefully will help you choose the right photographer.

Bailey's Photo Shoppe 

     The importance of choosing a wedding photographer?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You will be surrounded by all your favorite and most supportive people. Have you ever stopped to think about how important it is to pick a photographer you like? You and your wedding photographer will be spending the entire day together. Pick a photographer that will not only add joy to your day but will also fight for your dream wedding.

As a wedding photographer I wear many hats, from capturing moments, crowd control, life coach, a shoulder to cry on, drama diffuser, drunk people carrier, line dance instructor, etc.


     Why hire a professional photographer?

An amateur photographer is cheaper, but are you willing to take that risk with your wedding? Your wedding day is once in a lifetime. You can not retake these pictures or recreate these precious moments. Hire a professional who will back up your images, and one with back up photographers in case of an emergency. (I have never in my career missed a wedding.)

(You know the first thing you will want to do the day after your wedding? Look at your stunning pictures.)


     Importance of Engagement Sessions?

Engagement photos are great to use as wedding décor. You can then reuse as home decor. You can also use them on your invitations and save the dates. Capturing this special time of just the two of you is important. This is also a great opportunity for me to learn about you and what kind of editing, posing, and style you like.


     What is a Bridal Sessions?

The Bridal session is a session of just you in your wedding dress. (Perfect opportunity for pets to join). Your wedding day will be fleeting and you will want lots of gorgeous pictures of you in your wedding dress. A bridal session is good practice for your hair and makeup and a run-through with your dress. These are great gifts for your mother and grandmother, and will be treasured for generations to come. This also allows us to use different locations for your bridal portraits, so they are not all from one venue.


     Why have a second shooter?

Second shooters can capture the grooms reaction as he sees you for the first time, as well as getting plenty of shots of you coming down the aisle. This is your big moment and you shouldn't have to choose one moment over the other. Guaranteed to capture more, a second shooter can also help you save valuable time on your wedding day.

Should a photographer come to the rehearsal dinner?

Rehearsal dinner pictures are where we come to your rehearsal and dinner and capture all the special moments leading up to your big day. It's great to have a run through with everyone involved with your wedding. We can also capture the perfect 'last kiss as a single lady' picture. No one has ever regretted doing this session and improves pictures captured on your wedding day.

The importance of having conference calls?

I usually have a minimum of three conference calls with my brides before the wedding. We go over every detail of your big day. I want to know all the important moments you want captured. I am always available to you, if you need to go over anything about your wedding day. I am always on my bride's side, whatever she wants. This is your day and I will do everything in my power to deliver your dream wedding to you. If it's your dream to have your wedding outside and its raining the day of, I am more then willing to get wet and capture your wedding. (Yes, this has happened before.)


Can you send me your Pinterest Board?

Of course, I love to get to know your style and poses you like. I want to know the editing style you like. I'd love to capture any specific poses or ideas you have!


Sweet Things

Tashuana Etherington, Bride-married on 06/27/19

5.0 Stars

Bailey is awesome! We want to use her again for any occasions we may have. She makes you smile and makes you feel gorgeous. Very professional and sweet! Can’t wait to use Baileys Photo Shoppe again.

Kelly Moore, Bride-married on 11/28/2018

5.0 Stars

Amazing!!! Bailey was the perfect wedding photographer for our wedding. She had both the professionalism and wit to put up with our crazy group and everyone loved her. The photos were beautiful and quick to get to us. We will use her again for all of our photo needs.

Angela Griffis, Bride-married on 08/23/2018

5.0 Stars

Bailey's Photo Shoppe was absolutely amazing!! Bailey was very personable and accommodating. She helped to make our wedding a day that we will never forget. She was able to capture all the amazing moments before, during and after the ceremony at the reception. It was so fun to receive the pictures and see the moments she captured as we didn't even realize she was watching. She was so professional and took the time to discuss what our desires were and what pictures we wanted and was able to produce them all. Our whole experience could not have been more magical. We were blessed to have found Bailey to share in our special day. We definitely had an Angel present to make sure we had memories captured forever!! Thank you Bailey!!!!

Hayden Molenax, Bride-,arried on 09/01/2016

5.0 Stars

You cant beat Bailey!!

Bailey is one of the sweetest people to work with. She bent totally over backwards for my wife and I with our engagement and wedding photos!! She is so loving and detail oriented and just makes you feel even more beautiful and confident during the shoots! I cant wait for more shoots!!

Justin Prate, Groom-Married on 10/10/18 

5.0 stars

shes professional, she will have a conversation with you, experience all around the best.

Sweet Things

Tashuana Etherington, Bride 06/27/19

5.0 Stars

Bailey is awesome! We want to use her again for any occasions we may have. She makes you smile and makes you feel gorgeous. Very professional and sweet! Can’t wait to use Baileys Photo Shoppe again.

Kendall Ikard ,Maid of Honor-married on 02/06/2018

5.0 Stars

She was phenomenal!

Bailey was an absolute pleasure to work with. She captured every special moment without being intrusive and we ended up with pictures we hadn't even thought about that we will cherish forever.

Mckenzie Redden, Maid of Honor 04/22/2018

5.0 Stars

Enchanted Memories

Bailey is such an incredible individual. She uses her heart in her work and captures the most beautiful shots so that you can forever remember the best days of your life and all of the emotion that you had during those moments. Memories are so very precious and the pictures Bailey takes is a gift you will always have. We are so pleased beyond measure for all the work she has done with our family. From bridal shots to new born pics and even graduation shoots, we love her so much and will never use anyone else. She makes you laugh and feel so so comfortable. The shots are so stunning. She is amazingly talented at what she does.

Julie Bolaños , 05/26/2019

5.0 Stars 

Highly Recommend!

Bailey was so fun to work with! She not only stayed on top of the timeline for the bride and groom, but she also listened to any photo requests from others. She’s so fun, and makes taking photos seem effortless! I highly recommend her, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet her during my brother’s wedding!

Tiffany Watson, Bridesmaid 10/14/18

5.0 Stars

She was the photographer for my sister in laws wedding and was amazing!! so friendly! so funny! and so creative!